Conserve your financial and emotional capital.

Don't litigate, mediate. 


​At Dignified Divorce Vancouver, we get you 90% of the way through the divorce procedure before involving lawyers. Our fee is generally a fraction of what you'd face if you pursued the traditional, adversarial approach, involving lawyers from the get-go.  

We represent the financial, emotional, and parenting interests of both parties equally, and commit to having a separation plan in your hands within 90 days of financial disclosure. 

Our approach is best suited to parting couples who wish to negotiate a mutually satisfactory agreement, rather than engage in prolonged legal disputes.
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Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-partner coming up with a plan for what's best for you and for your children. 

With the help of a trained mediator, the separating couple works out an agreement on distribution of property and assets, child custody and support, and other parenting and financial issues. 

Divorce mediation has a proven track record of being both more affordable and time-efficient  than the traditional, adversarial approach. It is increasingly accepted as a compelling alternative to the traditional, adversarial approach, thanks in part to the passing of the B.C. Family Law Act of 2013 which elevated the importance of mediation in family law.    

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Certified financial analyst and divorce mediator Paul Sweatman (M.Sc., C.F.A., C.D.F.A.) 

Contact Paul: 778-986-1655, paul@dignifieddivorcevancouver.com

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