Clients find Paul offers an excellent mediation service as they work through the family law issues towards their separation and divorce.

“People will tell you how overwhelming going through a divorce is, but It’s impossible to comprehend just how torn apart you get, no matter what side of the process you’re on — the one leaving or the one being left. I can say without hesitation, however, that working with Paul Sweatman was the best thing I could have done. It saved me from the extra stress, the extra cost, and the expected anguish of fighting through a lengthy legal process. It helped me start over with some piece of mind.” - O. K.

“Going through a separation is an emotional, confusing and difficult time. Paul helped me work through the numerous issues I needed to contemplate, including financial, familial, and logistical considerations. Paul was honest, sympathetic, dependable and knowledgeable throughout the time we worked together.” - Holly

“I chose Paul to try and keep our lawyer fees to a minimum. The financials are the critical part of a separation and Paul found the best solution to create a comprehensive plan which was quite acceptable to our lawyers and ultimately to the finalized divorce. Paul was very patient, he clearly explained the process and made the appointments very convenient.” - Doug
“Paul has an abundance of understanding and patience.  These are key attributes to deal with people during a stressful time in their lives. Paul created a calming effect during the whole process.” - G. Hall
“Paul was very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to have him walking me through my divorce process. He was readily available and always had our best interests in mind. He took the time to read my emotional level, provide many options to look at the process and whenever a situation arose that was outside his realm of experience, he took the time to educate himself and come back with a solution.” - Jamie